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BREATHEEZE Nasal Strips are your ultimate non-medical, drug-free solution for breathing difficulties. Whether you struggle with restricted nasal passages, a stuffy nose, snoring, or congestion, our nasal strips are designed to help you breathe right, ensuring better nights and clearer days.

Key Benefits of BREATHEEZE Nasal Strips:
  • Enhanced Airflow During Exercise: Our extra-strength strips, equipped with advanced flex technology, comfortably widen your nostrils and nasal passages, promoting improved breathing during physical activities.
  • Snoring Reduction: BREATHEEZE Nasal Strips help reduce snoring by lifting your nostrils and enhancing airflow.
  • Relief from Congestion: Ideal for those with narrow or blocked nostrils, nasal congestion, or a deviated septum.
Why Choose BREATHEEZE Nasal Strips?

Experience the most advanced nasal strip solution on the market. BREATHEEZE Nasal Strips are simple to apply and effectively improve airflow by 30%, reducing nasal congestion and easing snoring.


  • Improves Airflow by 30%: Our high-performance adhesive nose strips lift the nostrils, enhancing airflow.
  • Drug-Free Relief: Enjoy side-effect-free relief with our drug-free solution.
  • Easy Application: Simple to apply and remove, making them convenient for daily use.
  • High-Quality Materials: Made from hypoallergenic, non-irritating cotton adhesive, ensuring comfort and safety.
  • TGA Registered: Our strips are TGA registered (ARTG 430850), ensuring quality and reliability.
How Do BREATHEEZE Nasal Strips Work?

BREATHEEZE Nasal Strips are designed to open nasal passages, relieving congestion and preventing snoring, ensuring a restful night’s sleep. They help with:

  • Snoring: By lifting the nostrils, they improve airflow and reduce snoring.
  • Deviated Septum: They open nasal passages for better airflow, providing relief for those with a deviated septum.
  • Sleep Apnea: For mild cases, they keep the airway unobstructed.
  • Congestion: They naturally reduce congestion caused by illness, allergies, or small nasal passages.
Buy BREATHEEZE Nasal Strips Online Today

Say goodbye to breathing issues and enjoy a good night's sleep with BREATHEEZE Nasal Strips. Purchase online for the best relief from snoring, congestion, and blocked noses. This nasal strip stands out too much? Try our almost invisible Clear Nasal Strip for sleep and daily wear.

Important Warnings and Precautions

  • External Use Only: BREATHEEZE Nasal Strips are for external use only.
  • Keep Out of Reach of Children: Ensure small children do not have access to the strips.
  • Do Not Apply to Damaged Skin: Avoid applying the strips to damaged skin.
  • Discontinue Use If Irritation Occurs: If skin irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately.
  • Limit Usage to 12 Hours Per Day: Do not use for more than 12 hours per day.

Note: While BREATHEEZE Nasal Strips can help alleviate snoring symptoms, they are not a guaranteed cure. They are not intended to treat sleep apnea. If you experience symptoms such as stopping breathing during sleep, waking up tired, or falling asleep easily during the day, consult your doctor.

Optimize Your Nasal Breathing with BREATHEEZE Nasal Strips Today!

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  • Engineered for Fitness Enthusiasts and Athletes.
  • Sweat-absorbent and breathable for comfort during workouts.
  • Medical-grade adhesive with strong adhesion.
  • Hypoallergenic & Non-irritating for sensitive skin.
  • 100% Drug-free for natural relief.
  • One size fits most for convenience.
  • Wear time: up to 12 hours for long-lasting support.
  • Also promotes improved sleep and reduced snoring

Benefits at a Glance

  • Support for Breathing Issues: Deviated septum, colds, stuffy nose, nasal congestion due to allergies, and irritants.
  • Improved Breathing: Enhance cardio workouts, intensive exercises, and sports performance.
  • Mental Clarity: Boost focus and productivity.
  • Enhanced Exercise: Optimize oxygen intake, perfect for sports and workouts.
  • Oral Health: Prevent mouth breathing, avoiding dry mouth, bad breath, sinus problems, dental issues, and improve oxygen intake.
  • Better Sleep: Alleviate snoring and nasal congestion for improved rest

How to Use:

  1. Clean and dry your nose.
  2. Remove the backing and apply the strip across the bridge of your nose.
  3. Press down to secure and enjoy better breathing.
Detailed Instructions

Who Benefits?

Breatheeze Performance Nasal Strips can eliminate certain blockages and enhance nasal airflow, Boosting your Workouts, Sleep, and overall Well-Being.


Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced Breathing: Ideal for relieving nasal congestion due to allergies, colds, or a deviated septum.
  • Snore Reduction: Clinically proven to help reduce snoring, making it perfect for a deeper, more peaceful night's sleep.
  • Improve Oxygen Intake to enhance endurance and reducee recovery time.
  • Comfort Fit: Incorporates a unique adhesive and flexible material to ensure the strip stays in place all night, suitable for all skin types.
  • Drug-Free: Safe for regular use, providing a non-invasive option for instant nasal relief.

What Are Our Nasal Strips Made Of?

1. Eco-Friendly Cotton: Experience natural skin breathability with our high-quality, eco-friendly cotton. This sweat-absorbent material ensures they stay on during a workout  and that your skin remains dry and comfortable throughout the night.


2. Smart Flex Performance Bands: Our nasal strips feature advanced bands that gently widen your nasal passages. Optimizes airflow, enhancing your breathing capacity and reducing snoring effectively.


3. Hypoallergenic Skin-Friendly Lining: The hypoallergenic, skin-friendly lining of our nasal strips includes a medical-grade adhesive that guarantees comfort all night long. This adhesive ensures that the strip remains securely in place, providing consistent relief without irritating your skin.

Your Ultimate Fitness Companion

Enhanced Strength for Superior Performance: Our Breatheeze Performance Nasal Strips are engineered to be 50% stronger than standard nasal strips. This design optimizes your oxygen intake, allowing you to breathe more deeply and efficiently during intense workouts.


Alleviate Congestion for Clearer Breathing: Tackle nasal congestion head-on. Our strips open your nasal passages, enhancing airflow and making each breath more effective. Perfect for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone looking to improve respiratory performance during physical activities.


Enhanced Comfort for Peak Performance: Comfort doesn't take a backseat. Our nasal strips are designed to fit snugly and stay in place no matter the activity. Whether you're running, lifting, or cycling, you can focus on your performance without discomfort or distraction.

Helping You Sleep Better

Rejuvenate Your Nights: Discover the power of enhanced sleep and recovery with our specially designed nasal strips. Say goodbye to tired mornings and wake up feeling rejuvenated and ready to conquer your day. Our strips provide a simple, effective solution to improve your nighttime breathing and overall sleep quality.


Combat Snoring and Nighttime Congestion: Our nasal strips are engineered to reduce snoring and relieve nasal congestion, ensuring a smoother, quieter night's sleep. By expanding your nasal passages, they facilitate better air flow, allowing you to breathe more freely and deeply while you sleep.

What Makes BREATHEEZE Special?

The Breatheeze Advantage: Why Our Nasal Strips Lead the Pack



Money Back Guarantee


30 Days

Adhesive Strength



Actually opens your nose

Stylish Design

Sweat Absorbant 

Comfortable Material

Designed for Athletes

FDA, CE, TGA Certified

ISO9001, ISO13485 Certified

Why Choose Breatheeze Performance Nasal Strips?

 Breathe better and perform better with Breatheeze, the essential workout gear for anyone serious about fitness. Enhance your breathing, elevate your performance, and achieve new personal bests with the most effective nasal strips on the market.

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