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BREATHEEZE PERFORMANCE Nasal Strips Lite: Superior Nasal Airflow for Children and Adults

Enhance your family’s breathing with BREATHEEZE PERFORMANCE Nasal Strips Lite, the ultimate breathing aid designed for adults and children alike, including those with smaller noses. Our nasal strips feature a slimmer profile for maximum comfort and a discreet appearance, perfect for continuous wear during sleep, daily activities, and intense physical exertion.

Choose the Clear Version for Discreet Comfort: Our clear nose strips are made from lightweight plastic, perfect for inconspicuous wear. Suitable for light activities or daily use, they offer functionality and discretion, ensuring comfort throughout the day and night.


  • Engineered for Fitness Enthusiasts and Athletes.
  • Sweat-absorbent and breathable for comfort during workouts.
  • Medical-grade adhesive with strong adhesion.
  • Hypoallergenic & Non-irritating for sensitive skin.
  • 100% Drug-free for natural relief.
  • One size fits most for convenience.
  • Wear time: up to 12 hours for long-lasting support.
  • Also promotes improved sleep and reduced snoring

Benefits at a Glance

Support for Breathing Issues: Deviated septum, colds, stuffy nose, nasal congestion due to allergies, and irritants.

Improved Breathing: Enhance cardio workouts, intensive exercises, and sports performance.

Mental Clarity: Boost focus and productivity

Enhanced Exercise: Optimize oxygen intake, perfect for sports and workouts.

Oral Health: Prevent mouth breathing, avoiding dry mouth, bad breath, sinus problems, dental issues, and improve oxygen intake

Better Sleep: Alleviate snoring and nasal congestion for improved rest

How to Use Breatheeze Nasal Strips:

  1. Clean and dry your nose.
  2. Remove the backing and apply the strip across the bridge of your nose.
  3. Press down to secure and enjoy better breathing
Detailed Instructions

Breathe Right With Breatheeze Nasal Strips

Breatheeze nasal strips delivers instant relief to nasal congestion, improve breathing, and optimizing oxygen intake for peak performance and better sleep.

Defeat Bad Sleep

PROBLEM: Nasal congestion often leads to mouth breathing, which can dry out your airways and cause them to vibrate, resulting in snoring and disrupted sleep.

SOLUTION: Nasal strips expand your nasal passages, boosting oxygen intake by up to 31%. This can effectively reduce snoring and improving sleep. 

Eliminate Nasal Blockages

PROBLEM:  Nasal congestion caused by a deviated septum, allergies (hayfever), colds, and environmental irritants.

SOLUTION: Nasal strips provide a non-invasive, drug-free way to eliminate nasal blockages to support better respiratory function.

Improve Your Workouts

PROBLEM: Difficulty in nasal breathing can reduce oxygen and nitric oxide intake, impairing athletic performance and causing fatigue.

SOLUTION: Nasal strips increases airflow and oxygen intake, which can enhance athletic performance by ensuring muscles receive adequate oxygen and nitric oxide.

Reducing Stress & Improve Focus

PROBLEM: Mouth breathing can hinder your breathing and disrupt the autonomic nervous system, leading to increased stress levels.

SOLUTION: Using nasal strips to breathe easier helps regulate the autonomic nervous system, reduce stress, and improve your overall mood.

Improve Facial Structure & Jawline

PROBLEM: Mouth breathing can lead to disengagement of facial muscles and improper tongue posture, which can negatively affect facial structure and symmetry.

SOLUTION: Nasal breathing engages facial muscles and promotes proper tongue posture, enhancing facial structure and symmetry.

Perfectly Crafted Nasal Strips.

  • High-quality, Eco-Friendly Cotton for natural skin breathability and Sweat-Absorbent design.
  • Smart Flex performance bands to gently widen nasal passages for optimised airflow.
  • Hypoallergenic Skin-friendly lining with a medical-grade adhesive to ensure comfort.



100% Beard friendly


Soft Lightweight

Breathable fabric

What People Say About Breatheeze!

Your Ultimate Fitness and Sleep Companion

Experience the ultimate in breathing support with our Breatheeze Performance Nasal Strips Lite. Engineered for superior strength, they optimise oxygen intake for more efficient breathing during intense workouts. Ideal for athletes, these strips open nasal passages, enhance airflow, and stay snug during any activity. 


Improve sleep and recovery by reducing snoring and relieving nasal congestion for a smoother, quieter night's sleep. 


Our new original sleek design features a thin profile, providing a secure fit that stays in place whether you're working out or sleeping. 

How it Works?

Keeping your mouth shut isn’t easy. Mouth taping is a proven method to help retrain your body to nasal breathe. By adopting this simple habit has various benefits that mouth breathing does not.


What Sets Breatheeze Apart?

Crafted by experts and product designers who understand the importance of nose breathing and its impact on your health for athletes.


TGA Australia registered

Manufactured to ISO9001 & ISO13485 standards FDA, CE Certified

Lip & beard friendly

Designed by experts for athletes

Actually safe, natural & comfortable




Not clincally tested or manufactured to correct standards

Doesn't hold & leaves sticky residue

Sold by unqualified distributers 

Can cause skin reactions 

Breatheeze Travel Pouch

Stay organised in style It's the perfect way to keep your mouth tape and nose strips safe, tidy, and ready for optimal sleep. 


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  • Stores up to 30x mouth tapes or 30x nose strips 
  • Lightweight durable athletic Rip-Stop Fabric 
  • Does not include mouth tape or nose strips



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